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Criminal Defense

It doesn't matter what type of criminal charges you are facing. From a DUI charge, to murder, a criminal conviction will change your life. When you face the criminal justice system, you need an attorney that has the experience and ability to handle these charges and fight for your rights.

For more than 37 years, Tom Phelan has fought for clients in the courts of Washington and Oregon. Our law firm is equipped to handle all criminal law matters, from misdemeanors to the most serious felonies, whether in state or federal courts, including:

Mr. Phelan's trial and caseload has included serious and major felonies and several aggravated murder cases. He has defeated the best prosecutors and police investigators, overcoming seemingly hopeless circumstances for his clients. He is not afraid of taking on the government to protect his clients' rights and liberties, no matter the charge or circumstances of the client. He has represented clients in many high profile cases with successful results and in doing so, has protected his client's rights and held the government accountable.


Personal Injury

Unfortunately sometimes you become injured or a family member is injured or killed due to the acts of another person, entity or corporation. When this happens, the consequences are often overwhelming and financially devastating.

We can help. The Phelan Law Office PLLC in Vancouver, Washington, has successfully represented hundreds of injured parties or their family members who were injured or killed as a result of someone's carelessness or intentional acts.

No case is too complex or difficult. We are equipped to represent clients and families who have been injured in any form of accident caused by another individual, entity or corporation, including:

Our Vancouver personal injury lawyers have successfully pursued claims against the government, large corporations and individuals. We have also obtained millions of dollars for clients or their loved ones through jury verdicts and settlements.

Led by the experience of Vancouver attorney Thomas C. Phelan, we know what it takes to confront the insurance company and obtain the maximum financial compensation available. Mr. Phelan has tried to jury verdict, personal injury cases which have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars compensation for his clients. He has successfully sued government entities, large corporations, insurance companies and medical providers who intentionally or negligently injured or killed clients or their family members. While your case may settle, you will need an attorney who is experienced and knows his way around a courtroom in the event it does not.

We do not charge a fee unless we recover in your case.


Juvenile Defense

We are also prepared to handle cases in juvenile court. This criminal process is very different from the typical system. If your child is facing juvenile charges, you need a lawyer that understands the distinct differences and is prepared to guide the case to an outcome that positions him or her for a fresh start and second chance.

Christina Phelan understands these differences and has focused a majority of her practice on defending juvenile clients.