It doesn't matter what you are being charged with. From DUI charges to murder, a criminal conviction will change your life. When you face the criminal justice system, you need an attorney that has the experience and ability to handle these charges and fight for your rights.

For more than 30 years, Tom Phelan has fought for clients in the courts of Washington and Oregon. Our law firm is equipped to handle all criminal law matters, from misdemeanors to federal crimes, including:

Mr. Phelan's trial and caseload has included serious and major felonies and several aggravated murder cases. He has defeated the best prosecutors and police investigators, overcoming seemingly hopeless circumstances for his clients. He is not afraid of taking on the government to protect his clients' rights and liberties, no matter the charge or circumstances of the client. He has represented clients in many high profile cases with successful results and in doing so, has held the government accountable.