When you visit a retail store or public place in Vancouver, Washington, you should be able to go about your visit without fear of danger or accident. It is the responsibility of the manager or property owner to ensure that you are reasonably protected from harm. When you are hurt in an accident that could have been prevented, the store or property owner may be liable for the injury and pain you have experienced.

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The most common kind of premises accident is a slip and fall. Grocery stores and restaurants in Vancouver and Portland are notoriously bad about leaving wet and slippery floors. These dangerous surfaces are the cause of countless falls and accidents. While slipping or losing your footing may not seem like a terrible accident, serious damage can be done to the back, neck, tailbone or even head of someone who falls, especially if there are objects nearby on which the person could hit his or her head. These injuries can cause significant and lasting pain and damage for someone who falls.

Other similar accidents can include tripping on a raised step or carpet, slipping on a sidewalk or entrance that hasn't been cleared or de-iced, and falling down unmarked steps or lowered surfaces.

At The Phelan Law Office in Vancouver, Washington, we understand the pain and suffering that can be incurred by personal injury accidents. We also know how hard a store or insurance company will try to avoid liability and deny you compensation for your claim. You need that compensation to cover medical bills and rehabilitation. We will advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are paid what you deserve.

Other firms may claim to be able to handle any premises liability case. While they may be able to handle easy, straightforward cases, few are able to see a difficult case through to the maximum financial compensation. Attorney Thomas C. Phelan has more than 34 years of respected experience that will recover the fullest award possible on your behalf

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We take all personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis, not accepting a fee unless you are awarded.

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