A tragic accident can not only take the lives of those you love, but it can also leave your family without a significant source of support. When this happens, loved ones and families need answers.

Lawsuits and monetary awards cannot bring back a loved one or reverse the effects of a catastrophic accident. They can, however, bring closure and help to provide accountability and justice to those who caused you tremendous loss. The Vancouver fatal accident lawyers at The Phelan Law Office can help you recover just and fair compensation. We want to help you cover overwhelming medical bills and secure compensation for lost wages, especially if the deceased was a primary provider for your family.

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Guidance From A Fatal Car Accident Lawyer In The Portland Area

At The Phelan Law Office, we are committed to fighting for justice for those who have lost so much as a result of a preventable catastrophic accident. In these difficult circumstances, you need closure and a law firm that is equipped to obtain that for you. We have the experience to fight for justice for you and your family.

Vancouver attorney Thomas C. Phelan also represents individuals who have been involved in catastrophic or fatal accidents at work. These situations can become complicated, and we are prepared to deal with the complexities of the situation and help secure financial assistance for the families whose lives are forever changed by these accidents. This can include falls, amputation, brain injuries, and exposure to asbestos and other chemicals.

There are significant differences in the way accidents are handled in Oregon and Washington. You need effective and experienced legal representation that is prepared to address these differences in the law and provide the most successful outcome possible.

As you face the pain and loss of a traumatic accident, allow us to carry the legal burden, freeing you to focus on recovering and healing with your family. We are committed to getting results, and we will fight for you.

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We take all personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis, not accepting a fee unless you are awarded. To arrange an initial consultation to discuss the accident and how we can help, please contact our Vancouver law firm today at 360-750-8750 or toll free at 800-769-0466.