If you have been charged with a DUI, whether by alcohol or drugs, including marijuana, you need skilled representation on your side, advocating to protect your rights. At The Phelan Law Office, we have the experience and capability to efficiently defend you from the full brunt of sentencing and loss of rights. While other firms may claim to be able to handle any DUI case, we have over 34 years of successful DUI defense work to prove that we can protect your rights. Led by attorney Thomas C. Phelan, we will fight to get results, minimizing the impact the charges have on your life.

Vancouver And Portland Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Many times law enforcement makes crucial mistakes in protocol and the administration of the tests. The police officer must have probable cause for pulling you over and questioning you, such as a traffic violation. If the officer decides to conduct a field sobriety test, there are specific procedures and guidelines that must be followed. We will review all evidence to determine if those rules were followed and your rights respected.

The Breathalyzer tests may also render inaccurate results, whether due to the calibration cleaning of the device or the administration of the test by the officer. We will do a careful check of these details, ensuring that you were given a fair and accurate test. We will also evaluate the accuracy and conditions of any blood or other testing that is conducted at the station after the individual has been arrested.

Repeat Offenses And Felony DUI

Drunk driving charges can quickly escalate under various circumstances, including:

  • If the charge was a second, third or greater offense by the individual
  • If the driver caused an accident, particularly if that accident harmed another person
  • If the driver killed another person while driving under the influence.

These are difficult charges to fight. We have the experience and skill to combat these charges. We will take the necessary measures to minimize criminal charges, exploring all options and asserting your rights.

We are equipped to represent drivers facing charges of driving under the influence of drugs or marijuana, as well as negligent driving, vehicular homicide, vehicular assault, reckless driving, underage DUI and other serious traffic offenses.

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